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MARTELLO discount code Do you love bargains?
Then we have good news: There are always MARTELLO discount codes with which you can shop for your favorite products at particularly low prices. At sales events like Black Friday, there are loads of great deals waiting for you. But there are also a few highlights lurking in between, such as new customer discounts or vouchers with which you can get great MARTELLO discounts.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is a MARTELLO discount code valid?
A discount code for our online shop only loses its validity once you have redeemed it. However, there are also always discount codes and coupons that are valid during a certain event or for a certain period of time. However, we always specify this period so that you can definitely hunt for bargains in good time and make great savings.

Is there also an Amazon discount code from MARTELLO?
MARTELLO discount codes from our website or our emails apply to our online shop, they are not Amazon discount codes.

How can I redeem a MARTELLO voucher code?
You can easily enter both a MARTELLO voucher code and a discount code when paying for your order and receive a discount immediately.

What is the difference between a MARTELLO voucher and a MARTELLO discount code?
A voucher and a discount code from MARTELLO both allow you to shop more cheaply. But there is one difference: a discount code reduces the amount in your shopping cart by the corresponding percentage. Depending on your shopping cart, you can save €10 or €60. A voucher reduces your shopping cart by a set amount, no matter how full your shopping cart is. So you use it like money. The good news is: you can combine discount codes and vouchers.

How do I get a discount code at MARTELLO?
You have to be a bit lucky to get a discount code, but you can do a lot to make yourself lucky. It's best to subscribe to our newsletter and our Instagram channel, then you'll definitely find out about current discounts, sales promotions and the various discount values.

What do I do if my MARTELLO voucher code isn't sent by email?
In this case, please check your spam folder to see if the MARTELLO voucher code has ended up there. Is it not there? Then contact our customer service, where we will help you very quickly and friendly. If you would like to initiate a cancellation, please contact us first - because there are no problems, only solutions.