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Experience the pinnacle of coffee enjoyment with our exclusive organic coffee capsule bundle. We are pleased to present a trio of flavors that celebrate the bounty of organic coffee, tailored for the discerning palate.

Organic Espresso: Immerse yourself in the intensity of our organic espresso. 🌟 Created for those who enjoy a bold, full-bodied taste, each capsule is a journey through the rich, deep tones of carefully selected organic beans.

Bio-Crema Gusto: Enjoy the smoothness of our Bio-Crema Gusto. ☕ With a delicate crema and a balanced bouquet, this blend is perfect for moments of pure relaxation. Its velvety texture and harmonious taste make every sip a luxurious break.

Bio-La Notte Siciliana: Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of Sicilian nights with our Bio-La Notte Siciliana. 🌛 A symphony of aroma and flavor, this blend captures the essence of Sicilian coffee culture, offering a medium roast that is both vibrant and comforting.

Bundle Details:

  • Quantity: 60 capsules (20 of each flavor)
  • Compatibility: Fully compatible with standard coffee capsule machines
  • Quality: Certified organic coffee, GMO-free and fair trade 🏅
  • Freshness: Hermetically sealed capsules to preserve the aroma and taste of the coffee

Elevate your coffee experience with our curated selection that offers not just a drink, but a moment of organic happiness with every cup. 🎉 This exclusive bundle is perfect for gifting, sharing or enjoying your daily coffee ritual. Enjoy a first-class coffee experience with every tasty capsule - just a click away.

The perfect System

Martello offers a complete self-contained system with Martello capsule machines and Martello capsules. This is the prerequisite for preparing a perfect espresso, lungo, cappuccino, etc.

The freshly ground coffee is packed into the capsule in seconds and hermetically sealed. In this way, the more than 900 different flavors are optimally protected and guarantee a fresh coffee experience that is always fresh. Thanks to the airtight capsule, the flavors are protected in the capsule for at least 18 months.

The simple operation and the constant café aroma will inspire you.


Our new, capsule, which has multiple patents, is extremely strong. It is made of a special high-tech plastic that has the ability to retain the aroma inside the capsule and prevent air from penetrating into it.

Through a combination of the specially designed capsule and our Martello capsule machines, the coffee's characteristic aromas are extracted in a perfectly coordinated system, with optimum water flow.


Only a good initial product can produce the best possible flavour in the cup. That is why our selection begins with the best raw materials. In tropical rainforest regions on the equator; the fruits of the popular Arabica and Robusta beans are hand-picked using the "picking" method. The coffee berries that are harvested fresh in the jungle are spread out on nets, turned regularly and sun-dried.

The hull of the fruit is then mechanically separated from the coffee berry, leaving the coffee bean. The optimal blend is selected from these coffee beans, and roasted individually for each coffee type. We apply years of experience when creating our intensely enjoyable coffees for your pleasure.